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    Sean Ranchbari

    i know this is kind of a dead horse topic, but search yielded a few results giving vague info…


    is there anyway to add a temp (EGT) to a mychron 4 cheaply? I don’t really see the need to pay up ~$500 for an ebox, and even the ~$250 for the expansion strip is a bit steep…

    I’d rather not trade for a 2t, in other words:

    How can I add egt to a mychron 4 with h20 temp, cheaply, in order to maintain my stingy-bastard lifestyle!

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    Brian Degulis

    You might be able to add the egt sensor then wire with a double pole double throw switch. Then you could switch from H20 to EGT but not read both at the same time.


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    Ray Lovestead

    If you do that – make certain you have an impedance path that is very low.  (good switch).  Or even better, test the temp sensor in boiling water to make sure you haven’t changed it’s response due to the increased resistance.


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    Sean Ranchbari

    hmm, thats an interesting idea

    i mean, my only real reason for wanting a egt is so I know if i’m leaning out too much, which is mostly why I want to be stingy about this whole ordeal

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