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    This product is Brand new,  Still in wrapping and it is a 2T mychron.

    $300—> Will accept paypal.

    email: Tedegraff@yahoo.com

    Cell: (619) 647-5274

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    Brian Patterson

    I was so happy to get a new 2T Mychron. I opened the box and there is a used single temp mychron. It has over 20 hours on it and has the guy’s name in it. So he at least had it out and played with it enough to know it’s used and is not a 2T. It doesn’t have the correct 2T wiring or anything to lead you to believe it’s a 2T. I text him and he says that’s the one I get. Well I guess I just got screwed. What’s really sad is this is a person that we race with. I now have less trust in my fellow racers. This is a sad state of affairs.

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    brian downing

    One of the few reasons I still use ebay and paypal, is for their buyer protection. Yes, it’s sad to see fellow racers rip off one another, but it happens all too frequently.

    Always ask for pictures of anything you buy before buying, and pay with paypal. I purchased a “blueprinted” kt100 for $800, turned out it was an airplane kt100 that was in very bad shape. Paypal refunded the entire $800.

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    Stu Hayner


    Did you ever get this Mychron thing taken care of? I think I may be in the same boat as you on an X30 engine that I just purchased from him.

    I’m hoping it is an honest mistake.

    I hope to here from him soon.

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    Brian Patterson

    I’m sorry to say that I paid for my education dealing with this guy. I saw the listing for the engine and decided to steer clear of him. I wish you luck trying to recover any money but don’t hold your breath.

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