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      Rod Hawkins

      So last race it turned off. Has been a while so I assumed it was just the batteries. Replaced batteries but still doesn’t turn on. Made sure all contacts are connecting, and it appears they are.

      Mychron doesn’t have a troubleshooting guide in the manual so I am left to guessing on something I have no clue war to do with.

      Any experience or ideas?

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      Chad Landers

      Try rolling the batteries to see if they will make better contact. Sometimes you will have to mess with them to get a good contact.  I had one that gave me fits for a month and then finally stopped turning on. If rolling the batteries doesn’t work contact AIM and send it in.  Their customer service is very good and turn around time is pretty fast.

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      James McMahon

      Like Chad said you can rotate the batteries and see if it comes to life. Cleaning all the contacts in there with a little sandpaper is a good way to go too. Try not to cheap out on batteries, lithiums are WELL worth the extra money in these units.

      Failing all that, send it to AIM and they will probably have it back to you in under a week. Worth doing since getting the same data from a MC4 is going to cost a few hundred bucks.

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      tony zambos

      Follow Chad and James’ advice. Call AIM first before sending the gauge in. If you have a voltmeter, make sure the batteries you are using are good.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Rod Hawkins

      Awesome. So before I posted this, i already rolled and rolled the batteries. I even scrapped some of the contacts. After reading more and more if these posts I decided to sand some of the contact points. BINGO.
      It now works!!!

      Thanks guys!!

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      Walt Gifford

      Now that the contacts have no plating on them they will corrode sooner.


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      Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
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      James McMahon

      I guess it depends how aggressive you get with your cleaning.
      I cleaned mine in 2010 (when I bought it, used) and haven’t had to do it since. It’s been living in my unheated garage for all those summers and winters and no signs of corrosion, yet. I also soaked the beejeepers out of it when I practically drove through a lake once.

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      Larry Andrews

      Walt – if sanding made a difference, the plating was already gone.

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