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      jim lewis

      What is the performance difference between  OTK MXP and MXC wheels?

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      TJ Koyen

      The MXC wheel is a forged mag wheel that will keep the tires in the optimum operating temperature better. This allows the kart remain much more consistent over the course of the run, as the tire doesn’t overheat and cause handling issues.

      Douglas makes wheels that are supposed to do the same thing, with their SE model wheels. I’ve tested a lot of wheels back-to-back and the MXC gives the best feel. It is the most consistent, versatile, and best at keeping the tire from overheating. I’ve used the MXCs with success on cold tracks with hard tires, as well as hot tracks with soft tires.

      The SE does the same thing, just not quite as well. They don’t feel as stiff as the MXCs.

      The MXPs are going to be more similar to standard Douglas mag wheels. They’re fine wheels, you just will find that in high-grip situations, the MXC is going to help you out a lot.

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      Gary Lawson

      I was looking at the Douglas SE wheel and I’m going to assume it is not a forged wheel and is simply cast like the rest of the Douglas mags. The shape of the SE is an obvious copy of the MXC though

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      Daniel White

      I just order a set of Douglas SEs from Fastech. $90 for a pair of 130 fronts, $100 for a pair of 212 rears.  I paid $220 shipped from CA to GA. What a deal.  I’ve seen sets on other sites for $275 and up.

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      andy graham

      Jim, whats this crazy otk talk coming from a CRG guy?! :-)


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      Curtis Cooksey

      Acceleration Kart Racing offers free shipping and great prices too!

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      Rob Kozakowski

      How about the new MXJ wheels?

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      jim lewis


      Thanks for the detailed explanation. That explains the delta in the cost between the C and the P series.

      Andy – I have ventured to the dark side again and bought a Kosmic for the ROK shifter class. I think I will paint it black thought…. I hate purple. Still a CRG guy at heart :)

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