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      Steve piggott

      How much more $ should I expect for over all season. Tires? I hear they burn though them 2x as fast? This will be at the club level racin

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      Ted Hamilton

      Practice your starts before the first race. :)

      2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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      Troy V Smith

      My opinion only, but wouldn’t think you’d see much of an increase. Been racing shifters for years, but recently went into Rotax due to entry numbers. I’m learning quickly, any issue with a Rotax motor can be very costly. I’ve found if you maintain your shifter motor and treat it right – it will run dependably for a long time. I suppose the same is also true of the Rotax. On top of that, the ability to fix a shifter motor using your own labor (relatively inexpensively in comparrison to Rotax) without having to send it out for repairs is a cost savings in itself. Honda parts in general are about half the cost of Rotax.

      I find that the tire wear on the Rotax to be very similar to that of the Shifter – after all, I don’t think you are going through corners and such any faster on a shifter. Biggest change in the shifter will be the harder braking zones, acceleration and constant pull through the gears. Typically I can get through 2 or three race weekends with a set of MG yellows. That’s about what I’m seeing on the Rotax with D2’s.

      And yes, practice your starts. Not neccessarily to get the hole shot, but to not get run over if you stall it. Not a good thing when the rest of the pack is attempting to avoid a stalled kart on the line – and yea, it’ll happen, happens to everyone at one time or another.

      We may not be the fastest on the track...but we're having the most fun!

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      Steve piggott

      Thanks for the info lads, looking forward to getting a kart lined up

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      Chuck hurlbert

      When i was looking to jump up i talked to a guy who had both. He said his rotax cost around double the price of a shifter just bc parts are so expensive. In the end it depends what level you want to run at. I guess im around 1500 a year including tires and fuel. But i only race 9 club events and a couple practice days.

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      Carl Beavers

      Have been running both TAG/Rotax and Shifter for the last two seasons and will confirm the Shifter kart is LESS EXPENSIVE TO RUN THAN THE TAG/Rotax. Chain and sprockets last longer, engine parts are cheaper and last longer, tires about the same life.

      As far as driving shifter vs TAG/Rotax expect a long steep learning curve, the shifter much different, braking points, turn in, acceleration, etc……

      Have fun!

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      James O’Brien

      One hand on the wheel = More fun!


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      Dave Holstein

      Yeah, start doing push-ups with only your left arm. lol

      Get used to having a hand clutch, when a spin or other incident happens that will stall your engine you will need to get it in with cat like reflexes. otherwise you will have get out and push start that bad boy, which wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice as well.



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      Steve piggott

      Thanks everyone, now for the next ? Do I sell my crg 08 rr with the rotax  and by one already built up or do I sell just the rotax and build up the rr

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      My 2 cents
      Buy my set of brand new MG Yellows, still in the wrappers
      You’re gonna need them $190 shipped to your door at Nor Cal.

      Oh, yeah, and a lot of padding on the seat and a good rib vest
      Squeeze spring loaded hand grips, or a tennis ball, work out your upper body, twist, and abdominals.

      Other than that you’ll get used to it, just don’t push too hard till you get very familiar with it.

      Also, very important! DO NOT stay out longger than your 6 to 10 lap normal sessions, it will crack, fracture or bruice you ribs. Remember, you don’t have to break a track record, so take it easy, no need to prove a point yet.

      My 2 cents, buddy……….. Fast Freddy.

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