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      Noah Stark

      Im trying to find a parts source for the Motori Seven ICC/KZ shifter motor, such as the L2 and L3.  MMK is no longer the importer.  Cambrian has nothing to do with the shifter motors, and would take weeks to get the parts, and that’s if they can even order the right ones(since I cant find direct part numbers to anything online anywhere and they have absolutely no way of finding those numbers or even having an idea of where to look).

      Right now I mainly need clutch plates, floaters, and springs.  However would be nice to find a stocking dealer here in the states incase anything else is needed.

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      Noah Stark


      IM is all TM.

      Swede I highly doubt would have anything I need new sitting on the shelf.  They have been clearing off the shelves for sometime and its been “sometime” since these motors have been around.

      Fastech has nothing listed for them on their site, and knowing John, he wont have anything floating around on the shelves either.

      I’m not new to karting or trying to find stuff like this.  Its just aggravating when the old importer has nothing, the new importer hasn’t a clue what you’re talking about when you call them, nobody has any part numbers or anything of the sorts listed online.  No other American dealers listed on the factory’s site.  Nothing else found with hours of online searches and numerous phone calls to other businesses.

      I guess maybe I’m trying to find someone that used to run these motors that has some parts laying around.  Like I used to be big into the Yamaha YZ’s.  Just because there isn’t many around anymore doesn’t mean I don’t have anything laying around still…


      Thanks for the help though.

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      Robert Lawson


      I had the exact same issue with the Vortex.

      Oh I could get the OEM clutch plates alright, but they were going to come from Italy (through the new dealer) and cost a small fortune!

      So, in true Lawson form…..I set out to do it myself.

      Do yourself a favor, send a note here: info@barnettclutches.com

      Tell Mike what you have, what you need, and they will do their best to match it up & help you out.

      Mine works great and is outlasting the OEM stuff anyway.


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      I never mentioned you were new to karting, or in any way suggested that you were.
      I was just trying to help you find some stuff, as I am a big believer that even if vendors have stopped selling a certain product doesn’t mean they won’t have a few products left over that couldn’t sell.

      I had the same issues with my old blueprinted TM moto, hard to find parts for it. Some guys even from this ( old forum ) were able to steer me to some one who actually had many parts in stock that were just collecting dust.

      A good guy to contact was George Barks, in Orange county Ca.
      I don’t know if he’s still around, but he did carry many stuff for TM and Pavesi, Motori 7.

      I wish you the best of luck
      P.S. Robert Lawson has a good valid point, about having your stuff custom built, if you can’t find any. I may be built to last longger than the factory stuff anyway.

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      Zach Gillis

      Hey Noah,

      Contact us here at Italian Motors USA. If you call us at the number below, Claudio will be able to help you with the parts you need. Thanks for your consideration

      (360) 988-5104

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      Zach, Thank you!

      That’s what I’m talking about!

      Read this, Noah


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