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    Im looking at a top kart with a swedetech blueprinted pavesi 125 on it thats pretty cheap.. My question is , why cant I find an online source for pistons… That isnt in italian?

    Thanks in advance!


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    William Martin

    Don’t know about an on-line parts source for this stuff, unless someone bought up the inventory from Wally Wallen’s shop. I have heard that a YZ125 piston is a very close match for the Pavesi piston, may have to play with cylinder base gasket thickness a little to get proper squish measurement. I guess that would not be a legal ICC engine, but probably no one cares any more.


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    Most people who carry TM, Rotax, Motori 7, Vortex, etc. Will probably be able to get all the parts you need

    I had a blueprinted TM Moto, back in the day

    And George Barks would carry most parts, or could find availability

    Also Italian Motors should be able to help with that. http://www.italianmotors.com

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the replys… I did buy the kart and with a fuel system clean up it fired right up.

    The yz piston sounds like an easy to find part… If I knew what year to get!:-)

    Since the motor was blueprinted by swedetech Im gonna call them this week and see about parts for it too.

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    Paolo Nunzio Licary

    I still run one one too. Swedetech will offer the piston in the neighborhood of $250 for the whole top end kit.

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    Brian Wilhelm

    Pavesi Parts are also readily available from either Wallen, or myself. PM me if you need Pavesi help

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