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      Shaun Staunton

      I am planning on getting into karting  in the spring and am looking for advice on what to buy. I used to race motocross but i got hurt so i am switching over to 4 wheels. Im not sure what kind of kart ill need or how much anything will cost. Ive got around 5 grand. Any advice on what kart brand and around how much cash its going to take or anything i should know?

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      tony zambos

      Give Don or Scott a call at LAD Specialties, http://www.ladspec.com/. They can give you advice. You have a track near you, Concept Haulers in Norway. Another track that’s not too far from you is Michiana Raceway Park in North Liberty IN.
      In our area, you can find local club sprint track racing, a traveling series with Route 66 and road racing with the Championship Enduro Series, CES.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Welcome to the sport, I think you’ll love it

      With your MX experience Shifter karts may be the way to go for you

      The initial investment is not too bad, and the maintenance is pretty affordable, if you stay with Stock Honda, but TM ICC motors are not too bad either.

      Unless you wanna go slower with a single speed kart, then that all depends how slow you wanna go.

      Another thing to consider is to check what engine package your local track or surrounded areas run ( you don’t wanna be the only kart in that class )

      Also are you planning to race? Or just the weekend warrior?

      Shoot me a PM, we’d be glad to help, we have several karts available

      Here’s a video of a track near you, enjoy. Let me know. Freddy.

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      Marshall Martin


      Form the discussions above it is implied you are in the Chicago area.  Locally there are 3 tracks, Norway (Concept Haulers), Badger (Dousman, WI) and MRP (South Bend).  If you are looking for competition and speed I believe MRP is the only one of the 3 running anything faster than a Yamaha.  We have a Rotax Masters class with 8-10 entries consistently and a very competitive group.  We run 8 club races a year and help is there for the asking.  Anyone in the class will help however they can to make you fast on the track.  Great bunch of guys to race with.  If speed is not the desire than the LO206 class is the best bang for the buck.  All 3 tracks run this class and there is also a regional series.  If you have other questions you can contact me at   marshall@LSRMotorsports.com  Welcome to the sport, great place to have fun.

      Marshall Martin

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      Christian Fox

      Don’t get a shifter kart for your fist kart. You have a lot to learn before you throw shifting gears into the equation. Shifters aren’t the pinnacle, or logical end, to racing karts, they’re just a different discipline. They are really cool, but completely inappropriate for a beginner.

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      Christian is right

      Learning how to drive a shifter kart correctly could be very difficult to start with, as you’re constantly multi tasking so quickly and it is very exhausting, once you get smooth and good at it, they are a blast to drive, there is no other thrill close to it, other than Indy cars and F1 cars.

      That’s why I asked all those questions

      There are other classes to start with, that have less HP, but yet tons of fun to drive, and very good racing/competition. And usually enables you how to concentrate on your driving skills, rather than tuning, and multi tasking.

      LO206 is a great option for the money, here’s a video at the same track with LO206 karts, those guys look like they’re having lots of fun, and it’s really cheap to run and maintain.



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      Steven Taylor

      I’m in the same boat. I’ve been riding and racing motocross the last few years but this year I just hit the ground too much and was over it. I grew up racing karts racing briggs classes in the wka gold cup series and wanted to get back into it. I did some research and the briggs is dead in the northeast so my only choice is tag or shifter. I was able to get hooked up with a local compkart dealer and he let me test ride his x30. Wow I was blown away how fast these things were. I was sold on it right away. I picked up a new motor off here and ordered a leftover 2017. See if you can get someone to let you try a demo. Spending 7-8k on a kart that you have no idea what it’s like to drive can be a little scary.

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