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      Sebastian Sarmiento

      Hello Everyone,

      Any recommendations or suggestions about the models of helmets most commonly used for karting?.

      I rode/race motorcycles since I was 12 and I know that a good helmet has great importance on protection and neck fatigue. Arai  has always been my favorite brand. Fresh neck even after a 4-5hs. ride.

      I noticed (I could be wrong on this) that the visors for the helmets used in karting are somehow narrower (of course same width) and  I was asking to myself if there are specific models that karting drivers use.

      Thanks in advance!

      I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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      Rod Hawkins

      They make street bike and car racing and kart specific helmets. In karting people use any of these depending on what they prefer. You see a lot of street bike helmets being used in karting

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      Tyler Coffman has a nice one, with a neck spoiler and a Go Pro attachment, you’ll see it tomorrow at Button Willow.

      Bring your gear with you, so you can drive my kart. Lol

      I think the seat might be too big though, so bring extra clothing, jackets. Lol

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      TJ Koyen

      Arai makes a karting specific helmet called the SK-6. Essentially a non-Nomex version of their open-wheel GP-6 helmet. SA-rated car helmets and K-rated karting helmets are pretty much the norm for karting. I have an SK-6 and love it. I also have a Sparco WTX-7 Air Carbon which is my current helmet that I like a lot.

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      Sebastian Sarmiento

      Thank you guys,

      I’ll look into those sk-6

      I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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