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      Chuck hurlbert

      is there a more active forum for TAG?

      im just trying to find more information to see which engine I would run if I switched classes and went down from shifter. right now I have it narrowed down to X30 vs PRD.

      Personally I like the X30 because it appears to be the ‘next’ big engine. I use that very loosely because this the karting world. plus in the regional classes it allows for an extra 25lbs over the PRD and being a bigger guy that would be a benefit to me.

      the big catch is the PRD is the only supported club option I have (maybe I can change this but the class organizer is a PRD dealer so yea…). its a spec PRD class, don’t know much about it because I truly have not cared until recently. for club racing it would be fine and I could make weight but at the regional level I would not be able to with out losing weight (which is a goal and shouldn’t be difficult once life gets out of the way)

      are the new PRDs a POS like they were in the past? looks like the new models are better and I haven’t see much of an issue at our track but that’s a small sample size.

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      David Cole

      Looks like you are in Washington. Not sure of what tracks run PRD up there. There is SIMA in Sumas that has a strong TaG contingent

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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        Chuck hurlbert

        Tckc started a PRD spec class last year for club. Its around 8-10 this year. Im not planning on making a change until next year so ill see where it goes. Like you said, there isnt much for TAG up here but IKF has 12 or so in the masters class but that was at sumas opening weekend. Trying to see my options bc i physically cannot complete in shifter and the class has been shrinking. 15 last year to 7ish this year.

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      Jim Derrig

      Hi Chuck.  I can relate.  One reason I left shifter was my 50+ year old bod was tired of the physical pounding a shifter delivers.

      Has TCKC changed its TaG format?  Last time I was there I showed up with a Leopard and had to call myself either a Rotax or a PRD because no other engines were recognized at the club level.   Great track and club, but I thought that was a little strange.

      Here’s how I see your choices:

      1.  PRD:  Basically, its a Leopard made in the orient.  Good price and good local class, but at a disadvantage if you want to run Gold Cup.  I assume it has the same annoying vibration issue as the Leopard.  I don’t know if it also duplicates the electrical issues I seemed to consistently encounter with the Leopard (ate stators; unnecessarily complex wiring harness)

      2.  X-30:  Stronger motor with longer rebuild cycle.  Dicy italian electronics, and only “necessary” if you intend to run SKUSA national races.  Not sure if TCKC is recognizing it this year?  I know Jerry Pitts uses one for Gold Cup but he also has a Rotax and a KT-100.  You will like this motor more than the PRD.  You will pay more for it than for a PRD.

      3.  Rotax:  I assume you’ve considered this option and decided against it.

      4.  X125t:  Not sure if you considered this one.  Stronger and more reliable than the X-30 and legal for IKF TaG.  No electrical issues that I know of outside of being stuck with the same questionable starter that everyone else uses.  It’s the motor to have, IMHO, unless you’re running Rotax or SKUSA national events.  Cheap if you can find a trade-in, due to Italian Motors’ trade-in program.


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      Chuck hurlbert

      Jim, TCKC TaG program hasnt changed, there isnt one. Until recently this area has been prodomently 4cycle but that is slowly changing. This is also the reason getting an x30 would be ill advised from a club standpoinT but it looks to be the better engine. out of curiosity, if we had a TAG class would you come back on occasion? Maybe i can sell it to the board.

      Thought rotax but id prefer to do my own maintenance and tuning a rotax is not fun from what i know.

      see if i can talk to jerry about his x30 and maybe look into the x125t.

      As for price, seen both listed as used for about 2+/1 x30 / prd.

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      Jim Derrig

      Chuck, since I only attend TCKC races for fun and not for championship points, it doesn’t make any difference to me that “TaG” is limited to rotax and PRD, as I just tell everyone up front that I’m DQ’d from any points but I’m the fastest SOB on the track and they’re welcome to prove me wrong. ;)

      Which they do. :)

      Regarding maintenance and tuning, the pumper carbs used by PRD’s, the X30 and the X125t are very simple to tune:  Two externally adjusted screws and that’s it.  One fuel line.  The Tryton carb on the X30 and the X125t (“heavy” version) seems more reliable than the Tilotson–stick in a rebuild kit about every 8 hours.

      The X125t also comes with an upgrade radiator suitable for those hot summer day in the Tri Cities.  And the one-piece exhaust doesn’t spurt goo all over your suit (yeah!).

      I’d definitely pump Jerry for info on his experience with the X30.

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      Chuck hurlbert

      So i got to race a PRD yesterday and i wasnt real impressed. Biggest issue, vibration. Omg is it bad. Ive never thought twice about vibration in my shifter or previously clone until i ran this. If it wasnt for that the idea of tag is doable.

      Club rules; this class currently runs the smaller carb bc its cheaper and more reliable but a little slower, Understandable. That is also the reason they dont want to make it a true tag class bc PRD runs a bigger, more expensive carb, when running in IKF tag rules.

      Might just get a lo206 for cheap and run with the other 19 ppl that showed up.

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      Jim Derrig

      Some people like it you know–I think of that scene in Talladega Nights–“ooh, the vibrations . . .”  Seriously, you get used to it but it’s never fun.  A fully carpeted Tillet (T7?) takes a lot of it way if you fit in that seat.

      The X30 is pretty much vibration free and the X125t is smooth as a turbine.

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