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      Leland Honeyman

      Hey everybody

      We are selling both of my sons MicroMax engines and his MiniMax engine along with every single Rotax part, jet, pin set, pipes, carbs, tools etc. Everything must go…all the cylinders are lettered so they can be used with the new rules.


      Our #1 engine you can get on race monitor and check out his times. He’s very fast……I am selling our #1 engine for $15,000.00 (I have been told by several people that it is the fastest engine out there in MicroMax) I am selling complete engine, wiring harness, coil, carb, pipe, radiator, everything. Check out race monitor and see his times at FWT & CHALLENGE OF THE AMERICAS SERIES, ALSO PKRA CLUB RACES. Leland Honeyman is my sons name, go ahead and check out his times….he’s right up there with the best there is.



      Our #2 engine is about .5 difference from our #1. Lettered cylinder, complete engine kit, carb, pipe, radiator, wiring harness, coil….<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>I am asking $3,500.00 for this</span>



      Our MiniMax engine, again is a lettered cylinder it has a BRAND NEW pipe and radiator that was just bought, never even ran it yet but one practice night. Again, complete engine and I’m asking $3,500.00 for this one too.



      I will sell the entire set of engines and all of my carbs, pipes, coils everything Rotax in my garage for $18,000



      Open to offers as long as they aren’t ridiculous.


      Thanks, call for any questions.




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      Mark Parker

      Not to be a buzzkill but the new evo parts are going to put all the magical parts that make this motor so great on the obsolete shelf in the garage.

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      Leland Honeyman

      This is a newer cylinder and a newer engine that WILL beat all 2008, 2009 and 2010 engines on the track. If you put an EVO kit on this it is going to be untouchable. I don’t know maybe it’s the driver..what kind of engines do you have? Do you guys race Rotax Micro Max? You can look up the times…..my son is pretty fast. I feel bad for people that have bought big money engines that are obsolete due to not having a lettered cylinder…..good thing I have a lettered cylinder and new engines for sale.

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      Bruce Woodrow


      Your original posting was two days late.

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      Leland Honeyman

      Sorry Bruce, if you were interested in my #1 engine I already sold it. I still have 2 more if you’re interested. Thanks.

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