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      Greg Nelson

      Current standings after Spain:
      1-J Derrig 309 perfect score: max points and max bonus, takes over the lead
      2-JD Gomez 307
      3-P Hir 287
      4-G Dzielinski 257
      5-L Andrews 251
      6-G Nelson 210
      7-F Brun-Wibuax 194
      8-J Martin 144
      9-K McHale 108

      Ok you guys, this is a lot of work figuring this out each race and I don’t have time to work out a spreadsheet (maybe next year or later this one), so from Monaco on, there is an instant 5 pt bonus when you make a post for the race. If you want to stand pat with your usual picks, that’s fine, but make a new post of them for each race. You want to change to new ones, great!! It’s almost getting boring with Hamilton, Rosburg 1-2’s, lets hope Vettel’s great progress in Spain is the new trend and bring some life to the podium. After all he started 15 and got 4th, passing Bottas, Alonso and the Iceman in the final stint. Could he have won if he started 4th or 5th? Will crashes and attrition play a big role? Could a survivor win, maybe Massa or Bottas for Williams, or the Ferraris?

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      Paul Hir


      1. Ham

      2. Ros

      3. Ricc


      1. Ham

      2. Ros

      3. Vettel

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      Greg Dzielinski

      Q:  HAM – ROS – RIC

      R:  RIC – ROS – Vett

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      Greg Nelson

      Alonso stirring the pot! 1/2 sec faster than Hammy after rain in the 2nd practice. Race day calling of cloudy, chance of rain or meatballs?!

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      Jim Derrig









      Monaco is a unique track with a history of being a one-off race that shakes up the usual order.  Power advantage will mean less (Mercedes loses advantage) and aero efficiency also means less (usually an advantage for the Newey designs, i.e., Red Bull), but despite this I gotta stick with what got me here.

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      Kevin McHale

      Q: Rosberg, Hamilton, Ricciardo
      R: Rosberg, Hamilton, Alonso

      Hometown race for Rosberg, and he’s the 2013 Monaco GP winner. I say he finally gets Lewis this weekend.

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      Greg Nelson


      I’m thinking Hammy will start to run off at the start but make a mistake and crash, Alonso will get the lead in the pit stops and Vettel will fight with Nico, but not be able to pass or get advantage in the pits. Riccardo 4th.


      Of course if it rains Alonso, Vettel, Botas

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      Greg Nelson

      Current standings after Q fro Monaco:
      1-J Derrig 309 + 10 for new post and Riccardo = 319
      2-JD Gomez 307 + 10 for new post and Hammy = 317
      3-P Hir 287 + 10 for new post and Riccardo = 297
      4-G Dzielinski 257 + 10 for new post and Riccardo = 267
      5-L Andrews 251 + 0 = 251
      6-G Nelson 210 + 5 for new post and zero for stupid picks = 215
      7-F Brun-Wibuax 194 + 0 = 194
      8-J Martin 144 = 0 = 144
      9-K McHale 108 + 20 for new post and perfect Q = 128

      Kevin is looking good for the race too, stay tuned and good luck.

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      Larry Andrews

      First race I’ve seen all year.  Not great, but not bad either.  Kind of fun to watch Vettel act like an entitled dooshbaby, stoked to see Ricciardo doing well.

      Not sure why DirecTV doesn’t even see the races in the search results…

      Thanks for doing the points Greg!  :)

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      Greg Nelson

      Current standings after Monaco:
      1-J Derrig 319 + 63 = 382
      2-JD Gomez 317 + 63 = 370
      3-P Hir 297 + 63 = 360
      4-G Dzielinski 267 + 40 = 307
      5-L Andrews 251 + 43 = 292
      6-G Nelson 215, yeah that didn’t happen, +27= 242
      7-F Brun-Wibuax 194 + 18 = 222
      8-K McHale 128+ 75 = 203 Big gainer
      9-J Martin 144 + 29 = 173

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      Juan David Gomez



      This race would be a testament that Red Bull still has the best chassis.

      (pics subject to change after FP2)

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