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      Connor Tebbe

      I just noticed (after a race weekend) that one of the D1 Mojo fronts has a bead that is clearly not round (off center).  I’ve tried dismounting/remounting the tire but it’s clearly a manufacturing defect.  I also had this happen once with a D2 front back when we ran Micromax.  I’m curious if this is a problem common with these tires (and I use that term loosely)?  Never had an issue like this with Dunlop, Bridgestone, or Vega.


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      Rick Sweeting

      DT- Haven’t found this to be an issue with any of the D1 tires in the past two years.


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      John Savage

      Take it back to the shop from which you bought it and get it replaced, all manufacturers need to know if there products are defective so they can do something about it

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