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      Jarrod Bradley

      Dear Karters, Parents, Teams-

      With the 2016 karting season in full effect having completed the Challenge of the Americas at the end of January, California ProKart Challenge the following week and LAKC’s event this past weekend. The next race on the event calendar will be the season opener for Major League Karting on February 21st at Adams Motorsport Park in Riverside, CA.

      Major League Karting, is a new series based in California with the main objective to cater to shop owners, new karters, and professional drivers in one event. ML Karting wants to deliver on the best value in karting providing you with an insane amount of laps on race day. With most karting programs you are lucky to get 45 laps on race day which works out to about $7.00 per lap for entry and tires. ML Karting provides you with more than 75 laps on race day, which is more than a 60% increase in on track time and works out to be less than $4.00 per lap.

      Their simple 9 class structure provides an entry level for new karters as well as a high level competition classes for advanced drivers. Entry level includes the LO206 and other 2 cycle engines that are well accepted for the more advance cadets and juniors, while Masters will be pleased to hear that their engine of preference is no longer obsolete.

      Here is a quick overview of the classes offered at ML Karting along with the available engine choices:

      Pro Level Classes

      TaG Cadet
      Age: 8 to 12 years old
      Min weight: 245lbs
      Engines: Mini Rok or Mini swift.

      TaG Junior
      Age: 12 to 15 years old.
      Min Weight: Leopard MY09 or Prior and PRD Fireball at 320lbs / X30 at 330lbs.
      Engines: X30, Leopard MY09 or Prior and PRD Fireball

      TaG Senior
      Age: 15+ years old
      Engines: X30, Leopard, X125T, PRD
      Min Weight: (X30 @ 370Lbs) / (X125T and Leopards @ 360Lbs) / (PRD @ 345Lbs)

      TaG Master
      Age: 30+ years old.
      Min Weight: (Leopard and PRD @ 380lbs) / (X30, Motori 7 and X-125T @ 400lbs) / (Rotax Max (only) and Vortex Rok TT @ 410lbs).
      Engines: X30, Leopard, X-125,Vortex ROK TT, Rotax max (only), Motori 7 and PRD.

      KZ Elite/Masters
      Age: 15+ years old. (Elite) / 30+ years old (Masters)
      Min Weight: Elite @ 385lbs / Masters @ 405lbs
      Engines: CIK Homologated ICC and KZ engines

      Stock Honda 125 Masters
      Age: 30+ years old
      Min Weight: 405lbs
      Engines: Honda CR125
      Carburetor: KEIHIM PWM/PWK 38mm Max.
      Exhaust pipe: RLV R2, RLV R4 or Pro Circuit SK1

      Entry Level Classes

      LO206 Junior
      Age: 12 to 15 years old.
      Min Weight: 310lbs.
      Slide: Stock black

      LO206 Senior
      Age: 15+ years old.
      Min Weight: 370lbs.
      Slide: Stock black

      LO206 Masters

      Age: 30+ years old.
      Min Weight: 390lbs.
      Slide: Stock black

      Prizes / Awards

      ML Karting will be hosting a (6) race season with a (3) race Winter Cup Championship and a (3) race Summer Cup Championship. The Winter Cup Championship winner in each class will earn an amazing prize which includes- an Entry to the Summer Cup events, (1) set of tires, 4 Gallons of VP, (1) bottle of Motul Kart Grand Prix, transponder rental along with a mechanics wristband for each race event.*
      This is a value of over $1280 !!! You will essentially race for free for three races.

      *LO206 will receive (1) set of tires only, Motul 300V and no fuel will be provided.
      Events Details

      First year Membership to ML Karting is complimentary.

      Adams Motorsport Park will be hosting Saturday practice for $45 all day.

      Camping will be provided at no cost on Saturday night.

      Pit Spots will be allocated on a first come first served basis with Sponsors having VIP spots along the grid.

      Complimentary Taco Bar will be provided for all competitors in attendance on Sunday.

      Grand Podium Awards presentation after the race with free professional photography.

      Our Sunday Race Day schedule has been posted to http://www.majorleaguekarting.us

      ML Karting will be offering a 15% discount until Friday 2/19 @ 6:00pm on your Entry with Tires. Don’t miss your chance to come race with the best new series on the West Coast.

      Register Todayhttp://msreg.com/MLKfeb2016

      We look forward to seeing everyone out at the track.

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