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      Todd Kageals


      I got out of karting this season and have the following things left over.  All parts were used on a Stock Honda CR125 Shifter Kart.

      1. 4 chains and assorted gears (axle and drive).  A mix a 40mm and 50mm axle gears.  Pic available.  $100.00

      2. Exactoe 2.  Complete alignment set.  Works great.  $150.00

      3. Douglas mags rear for 7.1 wide shifter.  Excellent.  $65.00 for pair.

      4. CRG patterned front wheel. $50.00.

      5. Air Box w/foam filter.  Blue canister style with double horns.  $20.00 (2 available).

      6. Bead Breaker and Rhigetti Tire Tool.  Both pieces $125.00  Here’s a link….makes changing tires a snap!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gC1eIotTXU

      Feel free to make offers on that stuff.  Buyer pays actual shipping.  Looking to clear out the garage but not giving stuff away :).

      Best to email toddkageals@cox.net


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