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    Thor Mauthe

    Working to finish up the install of my son’s Mini Swift. I’m trying to figure out how to mount the air box. I’ve got it on attached to the engine but I’m drying to figure out how to secure the air box to the frame or engine to keep it from moving. Any advice?

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    Mark Parker

    Been running them for months without anything, ours has never been off nor has any of the other 15 or so we regularly race with. None were attached at the wka race either. Clamp it on to the carb and let it rip

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    Eric Stevens

    Cut a piece of fuel line a little shorter than the distance below the mounting tab of the airbox to the chassis tube, then insert one end of a wire tie through the fuel line and around the chassis tube then back through the fule line, then put the wire tie end through the mounting hole and into the locking end of the wire tie and tighte down, now its firmly held in place.

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    Thor Mauthe

    Thanks for the inputs.

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