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    Chad Clay

    Potential Racer or Partners:
    The Midwest Karting Challenge is a Time Attack style series. We run 3 rounds in 3 different states, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Our first round was held at K1 Speed December 3rd in Addison, IL. Round 2 is coming up January 7th at Fastimes Indoor Karting in Indianapolis, IN. and round 3 is February 25th at Veloce Indoor Speedway Milwaukee, WI.

    Each driver gets 3 runs at each location in their respective weight class. In doing this, we almost guarantee each driver will get at least one good kart. Each driver will only be racing against other drivers in the same weight class. Once each weight class has had a run, we repeat the process until finished. Format is kept simple, so confusion is low.

    Up to 199# (Medium)
    200#-249# (Heavy)
    250#+ (Super Heavy)
    Drivers weigh in at registration and are weighed in again after each run. A driver may add ballast to get into the next weight class. Points do NOT transfer from class to class.

    We score each weight class on a 100pt scale, meaning each position is a point,
    98pts=3rd etc….
    There is a class champion and an overall champion.
    Bonus points are awarded based on: Sweeping your run groups, attending all 3 events, setting a new track record. An overall points total is kept and after all 3 rounds we’ll have a series champion.

    Each class winner gets a cash payout and 2nd and 3rd place overall (not class winner) also receive a cash payout. The payout is separated as follows: Class winners split 75% of the total cash intake from registration. (ex. $100 is the pot, the class winners get $75 to split= $25/driver) The 2nd place overall after the class winners gets 15% and 3rd gets 10%. We payed out $1490 last event with our winners taking home $310×3-$186-$124.

    Bromberek Racing Team
    Carbon Digital LLC
    Chitown karting
    D&D/ Obskure Racing
    Fastimes Indoor Karting
    Full Throttle Auto
    Indianapolis Sheraton at Ketstone Crossing
    K1 Speed
    Logo Shirt Factory
    Oktane Visual
    PitFit Training
    Pod1um Design
    Rinker Photography
    T3G Media
    Veloce Indoor Speedway
    Werner Motorsports
    Zamp Helmets

    Follow us on Facebook @Midwest Karting Challenge
    and on Instagram @mkckarting

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    Chad Clay

    Don’t miss the biggest indoor event in the country January 7th at Fastimes Indoor Karting in Indianapolis, IN. Details at Midwest Karting Challenge on Facebook

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