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    Thor Mauthe

    My son is running MicroMax this year and with the introduction of the Rotax series in SoCal I’m thinking that I may have him run Rotax one more year instead of switching to the MiniRok. I need to have the engine done, but I know that Rotax motors are pretty good at lasting. How often (hrs) do I need to get the bottom and top end rebuild. I know the top needs it, but I’m not sure how often the bottom does. I’ve looked but haven’t found what I’m looking for in the forums. TIA

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    Mike Clark


    Not very detailed but, see pg 35 of this:


    More downloads here:


    At least it seems to be a very lightly stressed engine.

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    Marshall Martin

    I question whether you could ever wear out a Micro Max motor.  I know we have run Juniors 60 hours and Mini Max motors could go that long and probably longer.  Considering a Micro Max rarely goes above 10k rpm for a motor that is designed in the hardest use (Senior and Masters classes) that can go 40-50 hours I guess a Micro Max motor could last 80-100 hours.


    Marshall Martin


    Marshall Martin

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    Thor Mauthe

    Thanks for the info and the PDF from Rotax. Amazing that the Rotax motor isn’t more popular in the US, well at least in the west where I live. Hope the SoCal Rotax series takes off for next year.

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