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    Alan Sanchez

    Hi, I just bought my first Kart and a Mychron to go along with it. I understand most people recommend to place the water temp sensor on the head but the screw covering that hole is very stripped on my motor. Other than trying to get it out I was thinking of using an in-line coupler for it. Question is, which hose does it go on? I have been going over it in my head and I could make the case for both :S. Some help would be appreciated.


    CRG Road Rebel

    Rotax 125 Max

    MyChron 5 + Water temp


    thanks in advance

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    Chad Landers

    Is the allen head stripped in the screw or the threads on the head?  My allen head was stripped.  I ended up drilling the screw out because my allen head was stripped.  I drilled the screw out upside down to not get any pieces stuck in the head and break the seal.

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    Alan Sanchez

    Yeah the allen head came stripped and like you mention my main worry was getting metal shavings into the cylinder head. I bought an inline coupler for the temp sensor just not sure which hose to put it on. Outlet makes most sense to me since you’ll be measuring the water at its hottest point but I guess you could make the argument that inlet makes sense because its more representative of head temperature. Thoughts?

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    Chad Landers

    I’d put it on the outlet side, but I’m not sure an inline coupler will fit.  You can drill it out like I did upside down or use a magnet to catch the shaving.  I drilled mine out and then flushed it out with water.

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    Steen Carstensen

    If the engine is sealed you have to remove the plug from the outside, if not take the cover off and fix it that way.

    To remove the stripped 1/8 NPT plug use a screw extractor like an EZ-out or similar and when ready to go, heat the area around the plug a bit, as it was originally installed with  thread locker. When you drill through the plug, go easy and use some grease on the drill to catch the chips.

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