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      Chris Fender

      I bought my 15 y.o. a speedo kit from Comet for Xmas.  He’s got it all installed but its not producing any display.   Can anyone point me to an install/config tutorial or video?

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      tony zambos

      This should help:



      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Chris Fender

      Excuse my ignorance.  How does the magnet get attached to the Axle?   I have a plastic “collar” and I presume it needs to attach to the collar,  but the collar doesn’t have any pre-drilled hole to screw in the magnet.

      I’ll call Comet tomorrow if I don’t figure this out.

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      Rod Balding

      Hi ,
      The magnet is inside of the plastic collar

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      Bill Boxell

      If you are talking about this, and you have it installed correctly,


      you need to enter to tire circumference and pulses per wheel rev into the gauge. You can do this thru Race Studio or in the setup screen on the Mychron 3 .

      Here’s a link to the Mychron 3 plus/gold manual


      Pages 33 and 34 show how to setup speed sensor on the gauge.


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