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    Todd Kageals

    So I finally got a new set of MG yellows to run in the last road course race of the season.  This is my first set of MGs.  Is there a certain break-in procedure to follow to get the maximum LIFE from the tires?



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    Todd Kageals

    So they are not directional?????

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    Clark Gaynor Sr.

    You’ll notice a little < on the side wall.  We run them in that direction, but I’ve also heard from a reputable source that that’s BS.  We do it anyway.

    On a HOT day, you can cook them in one round of practice.  What we do is run old tires until the last practice session, them run the new ones for a few laps and let them cool.  If you’re talking about Summit this weekend, you don’t have to worry about over heating them!!!  To say the least.  Just run them.  They’ll be fine.  Just don’t kill them in the first round of practice.


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    Gary Smith

    Yes, they are directional, mount them yellow side out on the right and black wall on the left.  Like Clark said, take it easy on the 1st session, let them cool, then your good to go.


    Honda CR80 #55

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    Matt Dixon

    Just go WFO

    3rd or 4th lap will be the fastest


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    Colm O’Higgins

    What about Reds?

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    Walt Gifford

    No, you want them as new as possible before the feature race. You’ll get max life by rotating them left to right once during the day and turning them around on the wheel between events.


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    Chris Beebe


    I found out after my last race that I had my rear YLC tires on backwards from what the arrows say and all I can say is that the traction was perfect and I actually might try it again being the kart ran so well!

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