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    Carter Thompson

    I was just wondering where everyone bought there MG Greens.  I would just like to buy them from a high volume dealer so I do not get really old ones off the shelf.  Not sure if that makes a difference but it makes me feel better.



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    Bill Schmidt

    The folks that sell MG’s pretty much all have the same pricing, but some have free shipping. Those are the ones that get my business. Cant remember off the top of my head who I bought from last.

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    Scott Boito

    Fastech Racing has the best price and free shipping.  I’ve also bought from Acceleration Karting.  There is no old stock on these tires – autoxers clear up the stock pretty regularly.

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    Alan Sheidler

    BTW, watch your rear tires carefully.  Neva Hoover and Tim Routh both had tread problems on one tire at the Wilmington Pro.  The tires went back to MG.  Have not heard yet what was discerned.

    A while back some of the tires were deflating/debeading during runs, on the inside of the wheel, where beadlocks are rarely used.  MG made good on those.

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