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      Alan Sheidler

      Is there an easy source for the 6″ metric wheels, which I am assuming are what is commonly run on many of the Superkarts?

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      Ian Harrison


      Not sure what dimensions you are wanting metric??

      Superkart tyres are sized in imperial units i.e. 5.00″ wide x 6″ dia, 5.50″ wide x 6.00″ dia, 8.00″ wide x 6″ dia, 8.10″ wide x 6.00″ dia. etc, etc.

      Wheel widths will be referred to in either inches or mm (approximations) depending on which part of the world you come from i.e. 8″ wide = 200mm, 5″ wide = 120mm etc.

      The main manufacturer of Superkart wheels is Ross Edwards in Australia. I believe that they are imported into the US by Burris????

      Best Regards

      Ian :-)

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      Alan Sheidler

      I should have been a bit more specific: The Metric part refers to the bolt pattern for attachment to the hubs.  In the States, there is still a huge portion of the sport, fairly collected in the circle-track segment, which uses inch fractions measurements.  The wheels for each (Euro = Metric, American = Inch) are sport segment specific, although crossover is always possible.


      So, what I want to know is:  Where can I go most easily (website with online ordering?) to obtain 6″ Metric bolt-pattern kart racing wheels?


      Thanks for the reply Ian.

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      Gerry MCN
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      John Benson

      Burris racing

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      Alan Sheidler


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