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    Derek Lodato

    Interested to hear your opinions on both of these power plants. Which do you prefer and why?



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    Dennis Chappell


    I think when it gets right down to it like everyone always says it depends on support. We have one and owned both TM and Maxter. Who you buy from and parts are a big part. Can you get parts at a reasonable time and if you use a engine builder is he available when you need him.

    Who ever has one or the other will say that one is the best.

    Both were good motors with good and similar power. Pick one that you can get support for in your area and go have fun.


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    Keith Bridgeman

    Your on the right track with both as Dennis said.  I’ve also owned both.   Parts can be had pretty easy for each and all models.   For the TM you need to choose from the oldest,  K9, K9b, K9C, Kz10, KZ10b.    Maxter MXO and MXV.   For Maxter one year they had a vertical read cage which wasn’t to popular.     I suppose a Vortex would be on the list also.


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    Britt Robinson

    Have you ever looked at SGM? They seem to be gaining a strong foothold here in the NW. (Just an observation. I race a Honda.)

    SGM Engines


    '13 Velox SK1 - CR125 -
    4th place finisher on a good day @ Tri-City Kart Club, Richland, WA

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    james kent

    This is a good question. Actual owners chime in on differences in maxter vs tm characteristics ?

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