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      Shannon Lee

      I scored a pretty good deal on a used RaceJet WeatherPod and the seller included the software for MaxJet. Of course the license is not valid so I’m looking to obtain a valid license and updated software. I checked here http://maxjet.ca/index.html but the link is dead. Is this software still supported and are licenses still obtainable?

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      John Matthews

      Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve heard about them.

      I used to be a dealer, if you want another one let me know. I probably have a disk around here somewhere but it would surprise me if it’s still usable.


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      Shannon Lee

      Thanks John –  I have the disk but I don’t think they are useful due to the way the unlock codes are generated. I filled out the email and sent it back for a new license but the email came back as undeliverable. My guess is they are no longer in business but I could be wrong. I’m a newb at this karting stuff but I have a Rotax Sr./Arrow combo  that I am learning on and I’m now comfortable enough with my home track to start tuning the chassis and engine. I got the weatherpod which is a nice piece to generate the weather data. It would have been nice to use the maxjet software along with it to help with the jetting, spark plug, and needle position but I may need to look at other options.


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      John Matthews

      Hi Shannon,

      Welcome to karting, sorry about the Maxjet, they are probably out of business like you suspect, the 2008 downturn was pretty tough on a lot of karting related businesses.

      As far as tuning goes you already have the most important tool for getting a 2-stroke mixture right (as long as your ears are working). Try to get with some of the other Rotax guys at your track, they should be willing to share good starting set-ups and teach you how to tune from there. Remember, the most important tuning tool you have is the stopwatch ;)

      There are other density/altitude gauges out there if you want to get more technical but until you’re fighting for that extra 10th that you can’t get any other way (ie. driving) you probably won’t need to be changing jets in the middle of the day.

      If you’re curious about how the weather effects your engine you can get density/altitude numbers from your nearest airport, pilots use them to calculate fuel loads it think….

      Finally, if there’s someone at your track that does driver coaching consider hiring them for a few sessions. They’re usually knowledgeable about engine and kart set-up and can get you started in the right direction (and keep you from buying stuff that won’t help). As a new driver there are few products you can buy besides tires and fuel that will make you any faster, it’s all about seat time.


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      Shannon Lee

      Thanks for the tips John. I’ve been keeping my eye open on training session or coaching seminars to open at my local track (GoPro Motorplex). The guys at KartSportNA have been a huge help and I’m slowly but surely learning the ropes. I was lucky enough to get some driving and setup help from the iKart crew at the USPKS round one race, top notch group over there. I’m slower than the other TAG guys on track but holy moly am I having fun! Which for me as a recreational karter is the most important part. Luckely, I haven’t had to change anything jet wise on the Rotax and I have run in the heat, cold, and cold/rainy day. I’m loving the Rotax so far! I will try to pick the brains of some local karters on their setup and tuning methods the next time I am at the track.


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      James McMahon

      I’d be surprised if they are gone. John Savage is the name of the owner, he used to have an EKN account and  would respond to questions.<b style=”color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: normal; background-color: #efefef;”>

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      Jeff Salak

      James your wrong. Jet Tech is John. MaxJet has been out of business and causing these same questions for a couple years now. People sell Maxjet units on ebay and people have no way of turning them on without locking the code. They are nothing but a paper weight now

      I would contact these guys and see if they can help you. It looks like they are still trying to sell them. Not sure how without locking code. If you find out please let me know. I have one sitting in the tool box as i wont try and scam a fellow racer into paper weight….

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      Shannon Lee

      I can shed some light on this after some research over the past week or so. Jeff – I’m not sure about the paper weight comment as the Maxjet is nothing more than software so if someone was selling software without a license on Ebay I’m sure the buyer could get a refund. They also make a weather pod called RaceJet and it is not a paper weight if that’s what you are referring to as there is not an unlock code to use it and never was. the Maxjet software that has to be unlocked just integrated with it but was not required. I have one and it works and gives weather data, fairly accurate from what I can tell as it shows the same data as my other weather station.

      As for the Maxjet – what I have found is that the servers are offline which would be a guarantee that the company is closed and the software is no longer supported. With that said you can install the software and click the 14 day trial and use the software as many times as you want. It appears that the software does a check sum on a server that no longer exists to count days/uses. With that server offline you can use the software without expiration. Now before anyone goes on about using software without a license I never said I was as the software is out of date with no way to update it and I doubt I would tune my Rotax based off of it as there have been revisions since and are no longer available. Jet-Tech is about the only way to go for software from what I can tell.

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      John Savage

      Jet-Tech is about the only way to go for software from what I can tell.

      Shannon, that sounds like very sensible advice.


      ps. if you go to eknclassic.com there are many posts about Maxjet that may help


      Jetting and Kart Set-up Software


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      Chad Landers

      I don’t remember why I have this but I think I have all of the possible registration codes.  Hope this helps, since they seem to be out of business.













      I personally use the Anroid App Karting Tools for jetting.  No need for the weather station or a computer. It uses the closest weather station.  It has been pretty accurate.

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