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    William Butcher

    I am 62 and new to karting, outside park karting. I gave the real thing a try at Anderson Race Park in Palmetto and the Orlando Kart Center, both in Florida. It was just in the rental Karts at each track, but took many “races” as they were called at each park improving lap Times each time out. I’ve always tried to have a sport car in my garage, mostly Miatas as of late, but never had the fun of driving one flat out. Now I am HOOKED on KARTING and want to get into serious fun. I live 6 months in Fla. and 6 months in New Hampshire. In Fla. I would mostly go to the Anderson Race Park, and looking into the New Hampshire Karting Association. Now to my question. What Master class Kart should I buy that would OK to race with in both NH an Fla.? Makers, ect. Best place to buy new, at the track? I’m not kidding myself, at 62 and 185 lbs. I doubt I could really become very competitive, but would like to do the best I can. At my age, should I look for a used kart or buy new? I plan to stay in Karting as long as I can. What originations should I join?
    Many Thanks for your replies!

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    Jim Fry

    Watch out karting can be addictive! I am 64 yrs old and started karting when I was 12. Last year I switched back to sprint karting after many years road racing karts. I race in the TaG Masters class which is the class I would recommend for you. I live in Atlanta, but race mostly in FL in the FKCS series. We raced a few weeks ago in Monticello, this weekend in Orlando and the next race is the May 18 weekend in Homestead.

    A new kart is a better bet, but you can find very good used karts, but it is buyer beware, therefore for someone new like yourself it is best to go to one of the big kart shops in FL that service the FL tracks. I work for and buy from TS Racing in Bushnell, but there are several others that will discuss with you the pros and cons of new vs used.

    Lot to think about and tough decisions to make, but soon you will be on the track having a blast! Send me a PM if you have additional questions and I will try to help. Jim

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    Rick Brown

    I race with nhka. We have a great tag masters classs as well ass a world formula class. Both claasses offer great racing and big fields! Our season opener is Saturday you should come check I it out. As for new vs used, you can get great used karts at a fraction of the price. Obviously new is better but not necessary!

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    William Butcher

    Thanks all for your replies and help. I just wish I would have got more serious about this over the winter and not within a month of returning to NH. I would love to get a Kart in Fla. now, but I would like to get a couple of goes with a real kart and not just a standard track rental before I decide to drop $4,000 into a Kart. I take a race Kart would be a lot more demanding that a standard
    rental. Going to Anderson Park tomorrow (4/23) for the Master track hours. Maybe I can talk one of the guys into taking a couple of laps in their race Karts. I would be most willing to pay for the use of their Kart. Anyway, I’ll try to improve my lap times in the rentals.
    Thanks again,

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    Rick Brown

    Apexkartspots rents karts at nhms to race on club days and its very reasonable. You can try it before you buy it. They usualy will credit you the rental cost if you end up buying from them I believe too.

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    Walt Gifford

    There are basically two kinds of karts, water cooled and air cooled. Water cooled is very expensive fast and punishing. The big money makers push this class on unsuspecting newbies so get ready for the hype.

    Air cooled is less money, less power and much more enjoyable imho. Some of the best drivers I’ve ever raced with are in the lower powered classes. See if both tracks have an LO206, Yamaha KT100, clone, world formula, KPV or animal class. You could be on the track with good used equipment for under 2k.


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