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      Jim Silverheels

      Guess they never took off here in the US, seemed like a good ride though.

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      Jason Ewers

      I think back to the old pro moto tour around the year 2000 and I believe Preston peebles ran one and did very well. If I remember correctly it was just another version of a crg.

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      Brian Mead

      Had a unique approach on one of their models, don’t know what happened, I thought they were stand alone, not crg.

      Karting 1 | Maranello RS8 Kart Chassis Track Tested

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      TJ Koyen

      They were somewhat popular for a couple seasons nationally. I remember Langlois and Tenney having success on them nationally. I think Luke Chudleigh raced on at SuperNats either last year or the year before and that was kind of the last major event I saw one at.

      Beautiful karts.

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      Roger Ruthhart

      Definitely their own operation. Visited the factory (N. Italy) back about 2002 with Tom Argy Jr. Nice folks and competitive karts, although I don’t think they ever supported their own race team.

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      Walt Gifford

      I always thought the brake disk and 3rd bearing in the center would be a much better set up but, apparently it doesn’t matter for some reason.


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      Andrew Sherry

      I ran on Maranellos for a long time and I always liked them. The ones I mainly raced was the RS7 (30/32) and the RS9 (30/30). I liked both of them a lot, my favorite karts out of everything I’ve driven. The one in the picture is the RS8 and it never really took off. Only a couple were imported but they were really good in the rain. The quality of these karts are amazing. All in all really nice piece.

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      Nik Goodfellow

      They are and always have been made by CRG. At one point they had their own design. I don’t know how much different they are now as the guy who started Maranello Kart (Armando Fillini) left and started ART GP.


      I raced one of the originals in 2002.

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      Rob Howden

      The Maranello karts continue to be run with great success in Canada, as the foundation for Trevor Wickens’ Prime Kartsport team. He’s focused on running a small squad, but they do extremely well with the Maranello, including back-to-back Canadian National Championships in DD2 Masters with Stuart Clark.

      Clark also won the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship (ECKC) on his Maranello in DD2 Masters, and Brendon Bain and Fred Woodley were second and third in the ECKC behind Ben Cooper.

      Results point to it being a strong chassis, and in talking to the Prime guys, they love it.

      Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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