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    Mark Sink


    I was up to 110 tracks, hours and hours of  work and then google deleted all the data. So, I’m putting this on hold until I have a more stable method in place.

    I was looking for Karting Tracks near Ski Resorts and ended up taking the information given to me and putting it to good use.

    I have created a Karting Tracks map using Google MapsEngine.  I am allowing anyone to view and add tracks.

    Here is all I ask:

    1. Search for the actual track name in hopes that google knows about it.  This will ensure the tracks will have website info, address, phone, etc associated with them. Not just a pin on  a map.

    2. If google finds it on the map, just click the pin and select ‘Add to Map’ Pin will change to red circle.

    3 Drag red circle to closer identify the actual track where karts run.  Do not obscure the track with the pin/lable. So place it at bottom, top, right, etc to keep the track clear but close enough that we can clearly see where the track is.

    That’s it!  You’ve added a track to the database of tracks.

    There is a drop down arrow next to ‘Base Map’  You can change from satellite image to others types of layers there if that helps.

    Link to Karting Tracks




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    Mark Sink

    Hi James,


    I can import raw data too if it had Lat, Long, and Name.  Although the way folks are adding them now we also get lots of other info.  But just being able to locate them would help as well.

    We could definitely add different types of tracks as new layers.  If anyone wants to track down dirt, or ovals, or even larger tracks, let me know and I can setup layers for those.  Layers can be turned on and off individually to keep clutter down and things well organized.

    Thanks Guys, folks have added about 10 new tracks already.



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    James McMahon

    Always good to see crowdsourcing like this in action…

    Here is the BT Owen list I was talking about:  https://mapsengine.google.com/map/u/0/edit?mid=zMYmCYAjlQSA.kWpbh8CbWetw

    It’s mostly dirt ovals I think, but still we are slowly beginning to capture the tracks that are out there as well as null the ones that are defunct.

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    Mark Sink

    Hi Folks,

    There have been a couple of tracks labeled as Point50, Point51, etc.

    If you think this might be you, first of all, thank you very much for adding tracks!  I do think I had to delete Point36, which was out in the ocean. Sorry, if you know where it was supposed to be, you can try adding it again.

    So that tracks are named correctly with all the right info, all you need to do is this:

    Instead of adding your point, just type in the name in the search box at the top. You will first need to get the map to an area close to the track so Google can locate it.

    Type the name as you did for the description, and Google will find it. It found all the ones you did earlier which I have updated.

    Once google locates the track,  just click the green icon, then look for ‘add to map’ and click that.  The color will change to red, and you can drag the red point where ever you want.  That’s it.  It will now include lots of good info about the track as well.

    Thanks again who ever you are!



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    Andrew Rey

    added a couple. this will be a great resource. bookmarking it!

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    Mark Sink


    I was up to 110 tracks, hours and hours of  work and then google deleted all the data. So, I’m putting this on hold until I have a more stable method in place.

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    gerard krempasky

    that BT Owen list is nice.

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    James McMahon

    I like this approach, easy for people to add to it.  I have a database of about 380 tracks right now.  Some cleanup needed but the core information is there. It leverages google maps api too:  http://www.kartpulse.com/TrackListings/map

    I worked with a few different sources including Richard Thoms from racingwhere and a guy called BT Owens who had a similar map to yours for some dirt tracks.

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    Mark Sink

    For those who just want to look at all the lovely tracks, you might want to use Google Earth.

    Open Google Earth, and select from the top menu bar:  Add -> Network Link

    For Name use whatever you want, but we’ll use ‘Kart Tracks’ for now.

    For URL copy and paste the next line into the box


    You can leave everything else alone, or play around with it.

    OK, This will add  a new Place on the left named ‘Kart Tracks’ or whatever you named it.  This is optional, but the red circles are really big, and this will make them smaller.

    Right Click on the name ‘Kart Tracks’ and select ‘Get Info’

    Click the ‘Style, Color’ tab.

    You will see a section called ‘icon’  You will see the red color, which you can change, and a number next to ‘scale’.  Change scale to 0.3 for example to make the circles smaller.

    Link to Google Earth if you don’t already have it.




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