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      jeff grose

      There has been NO mention of the WKA Man-Cup races @ Daytona this past weekend on the forum, WHY?

      just curious

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      David Cole

      Hi Jeff,

      My guess is they were busy with the rain weather day one and now heading back home today.

      WKA will be supplying EKN with a race report, and it will be published as soon as we receive it. They have their own online coverage, so we have spent this week to be with our families before the busy 2014 season begins January 2.

      The road racing group posted results in the Road Racing forum, including PDF results.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      andy graham

      didnt look like they had the best turn out this year…..at least for the sprint races


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      lynn haddock

      Man Cup = 430 entree’s

      Road race up about 75 from last year

      Over 800 in the dirt

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      Tim Koyen

      As Lynn mentioned, there were 400+ entries at the sprint track, which is way less than the “glory years”, but still not a disaster.  What was interesting to me was that the pit area was so empty.  I think back to the years with 700+ entries and a pit area bursting at the seams and spilling into the outer parking lot.  You literally could’ve turned an 18 wheeler around in the extra paddock area this year, and we were plenty spaced out.  It seems like the total number of karters is quite low, but many were running 4-6 classes for the weekend, so the overall entry numbers are higher, but a quick look over the results puts it at about 150 drivers, give or take.

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      Bernard Muminovic

      I counted 163 total competitors…which included many multiple entries and even triple entries.

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      Dan Schlosser

      I think it was very emblematic of the issues that WKA has to seriously address. The idea, right or wrong, that you have to run three classes per age group to get the desired track time is scaring away the racers that only run one class or maybe two. They are of the opinion they can’t compete with the high budget racers so they either stay home or grossly overextend themselves. Sometimes it is all I can do to convince people to NOT spend money. Seems counterproductive to my own short term cash flow but it is something I believe is imperative for the long term goal of keeping people in the sport.

      The junior class adding TAG is the perfect example. The perception of many is that in order to maintain an equal amount of track time for the experience and tuning benefit you need to run all the classes. To do it somewhat properly you need:

      3-4 Chassis & spares = $15-20,000

      2 Parilla engines & spares = $7,500

      2 Yamaha engines & spares = $6,000

      2 Komet engines & spares = $5,000

      Per event:

      6 sets of dry tires = $1,200

      3 sets of wet tires = $600

      1 tuner/mechanic = $1200+

      2 pit spaces minimum

      larger trailer or pay to transport


      The further the package gets from value for dollar spent, the more difficult it will become to maintain numbers let alone see growth. Generally speaking I’m content with the rules, the events, the race-day management, etc – so I’m not in the WKA bashing camp – but there are some very simple , very obvious decisions that need to be made to right the ship but no one is willing to rock the political boat to get it done.





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