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    Greg Nelson

    Come on in, were just in the second week of the new season.

    EKN GP game Rules:
    Pick 1,2,3 for qualifying, get 3 points for 1st, 2 of 2nd and 1 for 3rd for Q
    Pick 1,2,3 for podium finish for the race, where every your drivers end up you get their points for the race, as in You pick Kimi to win, but he gets 6th, you get 6th GP race points. If your picks finish where you picked them, you get 5 points for each right position.
    So if you picked Hamilton to win, Alonso 2nd and Massa 3rd, and they place in those positions, you get 15 bonus points + their race points.
    Picks must be in before the Q sessions start. Any late picks after Q starts are invalid.

    2014 EKN F1 race results after 1 race:
    If the disqualification of Red Bull stands, points are:

    Qualifying and Race Points race #1 Aussy GP
    1-Paul Hir 52 pts
    2-Larry Andrews 44 pts
    3-Greg Dzielinski 43 pts
    4-JD Gomez 40 pts
    5-Francois Brun-Wibuax 36 pts.
    6-Greg Nelson 32 pts
    7-Jim Derrig 15 pts

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    Paul Hir


    1. Nico

    2. Hami

    3. Vettel


    1. Nico

    2. Hami

    3. Massa

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    Jim Derrig

    Quali:  Hammy, Nico, Vettel

    Race:  Hammy, Nico, Vettel

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    Greg Nelson

    Q- Rosburg, Hamilton, Alonso Race Hamilton, Kimi, Rosburg.

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    Justin Martin

    Oh man! I have some catching up to do if I want to beat my last years score! I already missed both the Ausy and Malaysian GP!!

    Haven’t been roaming EKN as much since the change… It makes everything slightly annoying. (for instance I have 10 notifications that I can’t seem to find or see….)


    Goodluck guys!



    PS, anyone know when NBC is re-airing the re-run? I can’t seem to find it.

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    Greg Nelson

    Hope to see you participate for Bahrain, Justin.

    Congrats to Jim, perfect race results, just mixed up Nico and Vett for Q, otherwise he would have max pointed

    1-JD Gomez 43 + 65 = 108
    2-Larry Andrews 48 + 56 = 104
    3-Paul Hir 52 + 45 = 97
    4-Jim Derrig 18 + 71 = 89
    5-Greg Dzielinski 47 + 40 = 87
    6-Greg Nelson 32 + 43 = 75
    7-Fr Brun-Wibuax 36 + 33 = 69
    (8) J Martin 25 + 33 = (58)

    Justin, if I were to give you points based on your picks from the Brazilian 13 final, you’d have 58

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      Greg Nelson

      I forgot all about it last year until the 3 or 4th race.

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    Jim Derrig

    Congrats to Jim, perfect race results, just mixed up Nico and Vett for Q, otherwise he would have max pointed  

    Right, which got me all the way up to the middle of the pack.  I hereby withdraw my stupid vote to have round one count (I received the fewest points for Melbourne) and vote to start with round two.  :)

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    Larry Andrews

    I’m happy to see that Greg is having fun and doing a great job!  Game seems more fun this year…  :D

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    Greg Dzielinski


    1. Hamilton

    2. Kimmi

    3. Rosberg



    1. Hamilton

    2. Massa

    3. Button

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    Greg Nelson

    WE have 4 that made new picks and 3 with carry overs

    1-Paul Hir 52 pts = 52
    2-Larry Andrews 44 pts Rd 2 Q pts 4 = 48
    3-Greg Dzielinski 43 pts Rd 2 Q pts 4 = 47
    4-JD Gomez 40 pts Rd 2 Q pts 3 = 43
    5-Francois Brun-Wibuax 36 pts = 36
    6-Greg Nelson 32 pts = 32
    7-Jim Derrig 15 pts Rd 2 Q pts 3 = 18

    Good luck everyone!!

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