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    Bill Anderson

    Visit us at http://www.michkartclub.com, our M.I.S.  race, Sept. 6 & 7  is an event you shouldn’t miss.  Two miles of smooth asphalt, including the infield road course, a meticulously maintained facility, on a race weekend that fits the national schedule quite nicely.  If top speed is what you’re after, this is the place.  Unlimited’s topped 146 MPH last year.  Check it out.  Garage prices are among the lowest you’ll encounter.  Pre-Entry discounts are currently available.

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    John Matthews

    Looks interesting, how many 4 cycle racers do you have????


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    Bill Anderson


    The answer gets pretty obvious.  None in your class, if you don’t sign up.

    There are several 4 cycle classes.  We haven’t had an overwhelming turn out in the past.  That said, 2 years ago, we had a guy pester us incessantly about his class, then cancel his pre-entry, stay home, and then find out later that it was the biggest class of the weekend.  The sure fire way to kill your favorite class is to not enter, and see that your buds didn’t enter either, because you didn’t.  Kind of a contageous situation.  It feeds on itself and pretty soon your class disappears.

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    Dan Rudd

    All signed up and ready to go! Super race and great venue! Looking forward to another great MKC event.

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      Phil Kish

      Nice small road course, great for people looking to try  road racing for the first time.

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    Bill Anderson

    Waterford Trailer drop Friday from 4 to 6 PM. Gate opens at 7 AM Saturday.  Registration in Timing and Scoring Tower.

    Practice starts at 10 AM.

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    Robert Lawson

    Hope the weather is nice.

    Don’t think we can make 72 db’s even with the intake silencer. Can’t fit the helicopter can on the laydown so we won’t bring it.

    If Randy is feeling up to it I might just give the sprinter a go. Never done a sprint/enduro…..or a Yamaha…..and its been at least 20 years since slippin a clutch!

    It is close to home though, got friends living right on the back straight!!!

    See ya’ll there!


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    Dan Rudd

    Sunny and 80! Just about as perfect racing weather as you could ask for!

    Sounds like we have several who will be camping Sat night also.

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    Sean S

    Another great year at Waterford Hills. Thank you Bill and MKC for making this possible! Can’t wait for MIS September 6th & 7th.

    Tony Kart / Leopard

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