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      Ambrose Buldo

      If you have not run the newly paved and reconfigured OVRP Track (www.ovrp.net), you should. It is fast and smooth. I ran every lap in every session for last Saturday’s Club race and I had no physical challenges. No bumps, bruises or soreness. I would not of been able to do that previously. I ran in the Masters TAG Class, but I encourage all racers/riders of all ages to come out and check out the facility. It was fun before, but now it is improved in almost every area… Track, Office, Parts Dept, Shop, Etc. The owners and staff are still as friendly and as accommodating as ever.

      Here is a video of my fastest lap to date. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_nuwVD5p7E&t=4

      Here is a video of the qualifying heat at OVRP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG_6cB-iCRM&t=12shttp://www.ovrp.net

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      I did!  I payed only $40 and tried out the newly paved track. Actually the 2017 OVRP karting season was exciting, safe and fun for me. Actually I can writemyessay about it on my blog. Follow me there.

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      Mary Wermon

      You have done a serious job and seem to have enjoyed it. This is how professionals behave. You know how to inspire. By the way I agree that 2017 OVRP season was great! So much action!


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