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      Jason Ewers

      I’ve been sprint racing for years and thought I may dip my feet into a few long track races in the midwest with my tag. What would I need to accomplish this. Do I need full body work.  Thanks

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      Ray Chiappe

      Depends on the class you run on the type of body work.  But there are plenty of Sprint classes avail. that use stock sprint plastic! The main thing you will find very different is the gearing.

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      Jeff Salak

      To go from Tag Sprint to Road race isnt much to do. Gearing change like Ray said for most Tag engines and tracks this will be a 16T driver and sometimes a 15T. Lay back your seat so your not sitting so upright. Front brakes are always good to have.
      What Tag engine you run? If you run a Leopard you may want to get a road race clutch.
      What series do you plan to run with?

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      Kelly Read


      Before you go and make changes to the kart, you might want to check on the rules in the area you plan to race at. Not all orgs allow the seat to be laid back. If you plan to run a KART/MARRS event, I can help you here.  This series races in Ks., Ok., Ne. Around here we all run a 16 tooth front gear. We have ran both the sprint & R.R. hub and biggest difference we seen was that the R.R. hub lasted longer.

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      David Cole


      Like it was mentioned already: Check the rules with what race you plan to compete in, and get a 16T driver.

      If you run WKA, you need dual-brake system. Which means two separate brake systems, either two rear or one front/one back

      If you run CES, you won’t need to worry about the extra brakes.

      I suggest Grattan and Gingerman. Both require you to drive well.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Peter Zambos

      Jason, if you’re going to the Springfield show this Sunday, pm me and we can talk at length about road racing in the midwest at the show.

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