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      nik brewer

      Hi, i am new to karting but want to get into the lo206 class here in Oklahoma.

      I am 6′ tall, about 215 lbs. Not too many used karts here, so i am considering new. Since i don’t plan to move to TAG class anytime soon, i would like a dedicated 2 stroke chassis. Thing is, there seem to be several to pick from and i have no idea what to consider.

      These are the ones i have found so far.

      Margay Brava 4.15

      Margay Ignite k3

      Coyote Widetracl

      Arrow AX9 28/30

      CRG RS5


      there may be others. Margay recommended getting a limo model, so i get having the extra leg room is something to consider.

      Any recommendation on a good chassis? Regionally the tires are a MG red, but my local track runs on MG yellow if that matters

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      You don’t have to buy a brand new chassis for that 4 cycle class

      A good used chassis will do, and will still be very competitive

      There are tons of good used chassis here in Cali, and can be shipped for under $200 bucks or less. Just a thought.

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      andy graham

      check out the new LO206 specific chassis by TB Kart…they just hit the track here in FL and from the looks and feedback from the new owners, they got it right with this chassis for this engine package, and that came from dyed in the wool 4 stroke guys.  Give Miguel a call, they have several new chassis for sale at a very good deal…here’s there FB page, great family of folks too


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      nik brewer

      thanks.   I keep my eyes open for used, but with out seeing it in person, i have no idea about cracks, and if other parts are worn our, ect.  Also, i want to try to run a belt drive, and most 2 stroke chassis seem to barely clear a chain drive.  Saw a guy this weekend who let his chain get lose and it wore halfway through the seat support bar because there is so little room

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      Jason Bane

      Contact Chad Lee. He had a few new in box DR Kart 4cycle karts for a fantastic price. He can be reached at chadlee@icorecomposites.com

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      Patrick Roth

      I’m 6′ 0″ tall and have never wished for more leg room through a longer chassis or extended porch.  It’s really a personal preference but figured I’d throw out my experience as a data point for you to consider…

      Just about any chassis that a 4 cycle motor can be mounted to can be fast.  The fastest guys at my club run all sorts of different chassis’.  One runs a DR 4 cycle, another a CRG 4 cycle, another a 30mm CRG, another a 32mm Birel, another a 32mm Intrepid, and the list goes on and on.  The point being these guys are fast on old/new chassis of varying brands with varying tubing sizes.  My recommendation is to find a kart that is supported locally and if there isn’t one than get some recommendations from the guys at your local club.

      I will put in my two cents if you want to go brand new.  To keep flexibility I would recommend a 30mm, 30/32, or a 32mm chassis (you never know if you will want to switch to TaG or at some point you may decide to sell the chassis and these appeal to a larger crowd).  I recently rented an Extreme World Formula kart from RPM Racekarts in which I ran a World Formula motor (not that much more power than the 206).  I was extremely impressed with the design and the way it handled and I was running the 30mm version.  In one weekend I was barely a tick behind the class leader who was racing his kart in which he had a lot more laps and experience with.


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      Richard Gordon

      My son has a standard length Brava 4.11 and he is a little over 6′ tall.  Not a problem with fitment and it is fast.  If you are looking at the 2 cycle chassis, one made for 100cc or lighter driver would probably work best.  Just make sure you are going to have enough room to mount the clutch inboard as most 2 strokes run outboard and might not offer the proper clearance without modifying the seat mounts.  As far as price, the Ignite is probably the best deal at under $4K for a turn key LO206.  Comet Kart Sales makes the Eagle which is a good design.  It also comes as an extended version and the price is right.  The extensions on some karts are just moving the pedals forward and extending the front bumper.  The Margay and Eagle have a longer chassis, I believe.  I know the Margay does for sure.


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