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      Dan Rudd

      We’re looking for some track radio headsets for our corner marshals/flaggers at Palmyra Speedway. We’re looking for the full ear coverage type with boom mic. For whatever reason I’m just not having any luck finding them on-line. We operate using the FRS and GRMS radios and don’t have it in the budget to switch to anything else at this time. We have been using the ear buds but they don’t do anything for blocking out engine noise and the flaggers struggle to hear each other.

      If anyone can direct me to a source I would appreciate it. Remember, they have to be terminated for FRS/GRMS



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      Connor Tebbe

      Our club bought ours from Rugged Radios:
      http://www.ebay.com/itm/231266143664  (let them know what radios you have and they should be able to get you a cable for them)

      When you are ready to upgrade your radios, give Brian at Action Communications a call 800-214-6011. They helped our club transition from cheaper Motorola radios and also provided us with compatible excellent replacement ICOM radios as we could afford them. We just changed the cables out on the headsets as we upgraded.

      If you ever do start to upgrade your radios, check out the ICOM IC-F4011, Action sells them for around $160 shipped and they are bullet-proof and have LiON batteries. We’ve been running on ours now for over 3 years with no radio or battery failures, and they get absolutely pounded by our volunteers..



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      Howie Idelson



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      Mike Gerould

      There are a couple buried on this page and it looks like you can specify the radio/connector to verify compatibility.


      I’ve used the business/construction grade radios from here for years with no issues.  http://www.twowayradiogear.com/menu/top-menu/consumer-radios/race-track

      The headsets may not be compatible with your radios though.



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      Lyle Clark

      I got mine here



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      Clark Hadden



      I sell two-way radios for a living give me a call I will send you in the right direction on budget and best product.


      Kind Regards,


      Clark Hadden




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