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      Hi, guys

      Just reaching out to the karting family here

      Trying to help out a fellow brother with the sipping of 1 or 2 shifter karts from California to Ohio

      And currently looking for the best price I can find him.

      Can you guys help with any ideas or some freight companies the you’ve had great results with?

      Thank you all in advance. Freddy.

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      Chris Beebe

      I had one shipped to me a few months back from yellow freight.

      I was able to save some money also by picking it up at the dock and not having it sent to my door step.

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      Ron Scott

      We used to use R&L Carriers… they seemed reasonable, reliable & easy to work with… Of course it’s been a couple years…

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      Thank you guys

      These are all very good inputs, and good options

      I’m gonna work on some palleting and creating for dimensions, for a better accurate deal.

      I have heard of people getting them shipped anywhere from $250 to $500, so we’ll see. Thank you all. Freddy.

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      Jim White

      If you want to disassemble it some I’ve heard Greyhound is reasonable too.

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      Jeff Salak

      I would call these guys. Owned by karting people.

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      Paul Hir

      I have shipped 5 karts through uship, you can get a bid see if it is cheaper.

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      If you don’t mind me asking you, taking in consideration that every case was different with your 5 karts

      How much did you pay each time?

      Thanks, Freddy.

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      JT Miles

      Dave at tag like jeff said..just shipped one last week with..good price for a whole kart package and extras..

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      Clemens Burger

      How do most people prep karts for shipping?

      I had one shipped from the Gulf coast to Indiana with Freightquote.com for just under $100.  Great price, great service.  The seller disassembled the kart and shipped it in a big wooden box, a lot of effort on his end.

      Before that, I tried pricing transportation on a different kart from Arizona through U-ship, but only got four quotes and the best was around $400.  I was not impressed and that deal feel through.

      I just talked to a guy who recently sold a kart and shipped it through U-ship.  Apparently, he did nothing to it, didn’t even have to set it on a skid.  The guy who transported it just picked up the assembled kart.  This is definitely the easiest approach for the seller.

      Has anyone else had success shipping an assembled kart?


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      Mike Bray

      Check out Fastenal.

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        Leo Ahearn

        $150 for my shifter from Denver to Watertown NY.  Fastenal.

        Of course took 10 man hours to crate it ;)

        Factory crates will make this much easier.

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      Jeff Salak

      Im getting a chassis shipped from Orlando Kart Center to Northern Illinois for $230. Im using Tag Shipping Solutions. It helps to go business to business. Also helps to have a chassis factory box. Most shipping companies want a pallet strapped to chassis box for fork lift. Remember to put not stackable. So they dont stack another pallet on top of chassis box.

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      Kerry Matthews

      Check with any of your local kart shops to see if they have a carrier that they use for shipping.  You will get a better shipping rate.  Then, If you take it to the nearest shipping ‘hub’ for the carrier and have the person receiving it do the same, the price drops greatly.  This eliminates the need for a lift gate, which can be expensive.  If  no local kart shops can help, try friends that have businesses that ship and receive merchandise frequently, and see if they will let you use their account to ship.  Otherwise, you’ll need to open an account, and that could cost $$$$.  You’ll also need to palletize the karts, which means ‘merging’ 2 pallets, or building a custom pallet to ship a kart on.  This will be most of the shipping weight, btw.

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      Robert Brooks

      Submit a request for quotes on Iship.com.

      I’ve had good luck with this service

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