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    Todd Giles

    I am finally heeding advice moving to using belts as I restore my enduro Hartman. And Santa’s elves are asking for details.

    Looking for any or all, used preferable:

    drivers: 14 & 15 tooth
    sprockets: 68-70-72-74 tooth
    width: 30mm

    Thanks Guys!

    Todd Giles

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    William Martin

    Can’t help you with the gears, I’m long ago sold out. If you ever want a belt tension gauge, I have one from Pfieffer(sp?) that is in perfect condition. No idea what it’s worth, make an offer if you want.


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      Todd Giles

      Thanks Bill. I’ve got that covered. I appreciate it.



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    Glen Cherry

    Check out Russell Karting they were closing out a lot of belt drive equipment for pennies on the dollar




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