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    Chuck hurlbert

    Looking at a 2010 intrepid Suzuka.  Guy says he bought new, drove it once and it was too much.  Now looking to sell.  Not sure why it took so long. I’ve asked for pictures to see the bottom which should be clean if all is true.

    i can’t find any real info on the chassis. got any real issues?  I am  a club racer but want something competitive compared to my 01 top kart. Might race a cup race or two if I get my times up there.

    he wants $2000 with a decent radiator (which i need) and a few extra parts, sprockets mostly.  It has a pavasi ICC on it currently but I have no interest in that so he decided to separate.

    Thanks, chuck

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    Todd Renaud

    Chuck, I think that 2008 was the last year the Suzuka was made? I know they didn’t make it in 2010 – so you might want to verify that…Suzukas are like poodles – people either love them or hate them. They were a stiff chassis and had a few points on them that people didn’t like. That being said – depending on what you want to use it for it might be great. There is a doc that a guy produced on setting them up that is the bible of them. I can send it to you if you PM me. I had one with a Clone/Chonda on it and it worked really well on longer tracks. I got the chassis very inexpensively so it was worth it. I would say though that its a limited resale market on them so don’t overpay on the chassis – no matter what shape its in.

    Also, I would go to the eknclassic forum and do a search on Suzukas. There is a thread or two on them that will tell you all you want to know.

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    Chuck hurlbert

    Thanks todd.  Have to make sure of that before I make the trip.  Sounds like he found someone to purchase it all anyways.

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