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      Bill Lowery

      I would first like to thank PKRA for putting on a race and keeping it running smoothly. First time I have ever been to a race where we ran ahead of schedule instead of behind.

      Most importantly, I  want to thank Kyle Luttrell from Ionic Edge Chassis for providing us with one of the best 4 cycle chassis out there. After only putting four hours of practice time on the kart, before heading to AZ, we were able to take this kart out and get a first place on our first race. Kyle is so great to work with.  He kept texting throughout the days wanting to make sure the kart was handling properly and doing what it was supposed to do. Tell me where else you are going to get that kind of customer service. I do believe that Kyle was just as happy as we were that we won the LO206 Senior Class. If you haven’t seen one of his chassis, you should really go to his website and check it out. http://luttrellracing.com/  The kart is very responsive to adjustments and also very easy to tune. With Kyle building these in the USA why go anywhere else. The more you study the kart the more you realize how much thought and effort went into designing the perfect 4 cycle chassis.

      I would also like to thank Jim from http://fastermotors.net/ for freshening up the valves on our motor. Jim has a lot of innovative products for the LO206 racer. You can’t go wrong with buying any of your 206 needs from Jim.

      In closing I would like to thank PKRA again and Briggs and Stratton and all the competitors and of course the great AZ weather to make this such a great event.

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      Jon Romenesko

      Sounds like a fun event…hoping to make it out there one of these years!

      S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto - SKUSA Rocky Mountain ProKart Challenge


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