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    Kevin Reguera

    I took a new LO206 out to the track yesterday and had a heck of a time trying to get the most out of it.  Take off was fine, midrange was fine….then it would sputter before getting max rpms.  We tried moving the needle all around and ended up getting the best response from clip on the needle being at the bottom, the idle screw turned all the way right, and the air mix screw almost all the way left.  It seems like it is still running rich and with those adjustments…there is no idle.

    Any thoughts?


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    Tony Hager

    Have you checked the float level? Since you mentioned it being a new engine, Briggs recommends checking and setting the Float level as they tend to move during shipment at times.

    Hope this helps,


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    George Vorrilas

    Agree with Tony on this but would also take the carb off and apart for a good cleaning / inspection. There is not a lot to them.  Guessing that you are using a good quality fuel filter and that the tank and likes were sanitary ? We use a ultrasonic cleaner on carbs after every outing to ensure that they are clean and remain clean. Not to mention the fact that pump fuel can often lead to problems.. If you continue to have problems, give us a shout..


    Briggs Motorsports Service Center


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    Kevin Reguera

    No, I haven’t checked the float level but I was just reading on the Briggs Animal web site and I saw that.

    As far as a fuel filter…opps!  No, we ran it like we bought it and this is our first kart.  I feel like an idiot though because I’m not new to motor sports and we totally over looked a fuel filter.

    We’ll clean the carb, add the FILTER, and check the float level.

    Thanks for the ideas!

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    Gary Lawson

    Don’t forget to put all the other carb adjustments back to where they were when you started. You should not need to deviate much. Sounds like a float issue to me.

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    Kevin Reguera

    Copy that Gary…thanks!

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    Ted Dziedzic

    Check your throttle cable for the idle issue. Some cable ends are to long or to big and don’t set in the slide recess. I believe this puts things in a bind and wont let the slide return to its lowest point to where you can get an idle. Mine was so bad, the idle screw had “No” effect on idle adjustment.  If you don’t have it already, Briggs has a carb tuning guide on there web site. Follow their guide and you should be ok. http://www.briggsandstratton.com/engines-racing/~/media/Racing/carbtuningguide.pdf


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      Don Simpson

      I have found two reasons why it won’t idle. One is that the needle clip set at the bottom setting. Try the third down from the top. The other reason is the air mixture jet is plugged. Take a strand from copper wire .010 thick and run it threw the jet to clean it. (don’t enlarge the jet, tech item) . This was the cause on two different engines.  Good luck.

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