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    One big benefit ( at least for me ) is that the LO206 at my home track is pretty much full throttle around the track. No lift or braking points to confuse the issue. Ha!
    It give you the opportunity to observe what the kart is doing. Other than basic initial adjustments to engine I haven’t touched it since installed. By evaluating a test session and making gear and chassis adjustments to what was considered a fairly fast kart I was able to pick up over a second the very next time out !!
    No trick of the week air cleaner, pipe of the month, etc. Engine is untouched since initial install. Is there anything left in the engine? Maybe, certainly not enough to waste my time looking for. The engine in this class is essentially out of the equation. For the most part, so is the clutch. Spend your time on driving and chassis set-up including proper gear selection. As far as gearing goes, in most cases you will find that there is no “right gear”. Driving style and raceability is more important. If I sound vague it’s on purpose, customize your LO206 powered kart to what works best for you. Butt in the seat is where your money should be spent.
    Don’t worry about that silly 30 deg. angle !!!


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