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      George Badger

      I just wanted to get the word out that the Michigan Kart Club has added an LO206 CIK class for their Fall Classic Event at Michigan International Speedway on Sept 24th & 25th.  The 2 mile course uses about 1 mile of the oval and another mile through the infield road course.  Dual or front brakes are not required for this class, so there aren’t any expensive components that you would need to buy to give this a try.  There is camping at the track and garage rentals start out at only $50 for the weekend (can be shared with one or two other karts).

      Here is a link to the post on the road racing forum: http://ekartingnews.com/forums/topic/mis-fall-classic-september-24-25/

      There is also a video link in that thread if you want to see what the track looks like from onboard.

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