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      Art Serna

      I need some advice on picking a kart for the local LO206 class. The spec tire is a hoosier R60. The chassis I am looking at are all used and for sale local. I want to pick up a used roller and will be getting all new motor, clutch, tires and all that.

      Chassis looking at (all rollers)

      2010 – Arrow X3-4S (guys asking price $1600)

      2008 – Birel RX30se ( guys asking price $900)

      2002 – CRG Heron Plus (guys asking price ($600)

      Track Iwill be racing at is Miller Motorsports in Utah.

      I am leaning towards the Arrow but it is more then I wanted t spend for a roller. But I also want the most competitve chassis I can get with the easiest/biggest setup window.

      Also I would like to hear why people suggest so and so chassis is it chassis tubing, axle size, stiffness/flex. Things like that.



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      Gary Lawson

      The arrow without a doubt. It will be the fastest and easiest to set up

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      David Cole

      Arrow as MSquared also supports that brand. It’s newer and a great 4-cycle chassis.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Jon Romenesko

      Arrow, no contest.  A bunch of guys are running them around here in LO206, and it seems to work well.

      S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto - SKUSA Rocky Mountain ProKart Challenge


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      Bill Snow

      What did you decide?

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      Mike Bray

      I own 3 Arrow chassis so see if you can guess which one I would recommend.


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