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      Richard Gordon

      new to sprint karts.  Putting together a new 2013 4.11 for club racing with the LO206.  Tires will be Duro.  Track is pretty fast with a few tight corners to deal with.  Any set up tips different from a normal set up for this specific tire and engine package? IE: does it need different track widths, camber, stiffen certain areas of the chassis, etc than most setup guides recommends?  Want to get a good base setup before getting it on track.  I have the Margay manual and it is different from some of the others I’ve read.  Not sure which ones are correct or why the Margay manual is different from others?

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      Chad Landers

      Did you get the setup sheet that says 4.11?  I have mine set up pretty close to the base setup on the sheet.  If not email Margay and ask for it.

      What tires are you using? Your post doesn’t say.  If they are a hard tire like the YDS I’m right at the widths front and back as the setup sheet says.

      But for a softer tire like the YHC I’m about an inch or more wider front and rear.

      No front bar, spindles in the middle.  Caster is a little negative and just a touch of Camber using a Sniper Laser.  Short rear hubs and medium axle.  I’m using hub mount front rims.

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      Richard Gordon

      They sent me the new one for 4.15.  Guessing they are pretty similar.  Tires are Duro which are hard rental tire.  Some of the things I see that are different than other chassis is the high rear weight and setting the axle high.  Seems most other 4 cycle sprint chassis use around 53-54% rear and do the opposite for rear ride height.  Still have to mount the seat and get some scales.

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      Walt Gifford

      If it’s super hard tires then move towards a rain set up.


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      Chris Hatch

      I have never had a successful 4-cycle sprint kart work with 53-53% rear weight.  Those are oval track/offset numbers.   The Margay will like 57-59%.  Maybe 56-57 percent with the hard tires.

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      Richard Gordon

      The the setup manual calls for 57% and a 49% left.  The 49 seems a bit weird.  Tires are Duro which are probably like a rock.  I have Burris tires for now.  Will use those up for practice before getting the club race tires.  Want to get several practice days in before racing and I will need wider wheels since they are using a much wider tire than what my chassis came with.

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