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      William Weiler

      Is there a list of tools needed for Karting somewhere? Looks like if I buy a separate chassis I need a lot of special tools just to set it up. Like:

      1. Bead breaker

      2. Air compressor

      3. Seat setup tools


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      tony zambos

      To get started, basic hand tools, i.e. a socket set, screw drivers, pliers, dead blow hammer, crescent wrench, torque wrench, safety wire tool & wire, air pressure gauge, tape measure, tie-wraps, duct tape. For liquid products, 409, WD40, TriFlow and the oil of choice for your engine.

      You’ll need the tire bead breaker and also tools to mount and unmount the tires from their rims plus a strap to go around the tire while during inflation.

      An air compressor is good. How do yon intend to power it at the track? For many years I beaded tires up at a local gas station and brought a 5 gallon air tank with to the track.

      You could use a piece of plywood, clamped to the chassis to mount a seat.

      You’ll need alignment tools for the front end. Laser alignment tools would be preferred but you can make do with a couple of alignment plates that mount to the front hubs and a tape measure.

      The engine and axle gears need to be aligned. Again, a laser tool is nice, but a steal ruler works.

      If you’re using a clutch, tools to install, remove and service it.

      That should get you through the first weekend. Oh! throw in paper towels/rags and hand cleaner.

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      Mark J Schoonover
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      Craig Drabik

      I’ve started traveling really light.  The folks I travel with have a pretty stocked trailer and so the kit I bring for myself has been pared down to just the essentials and I think makes a good starter kit for someone getting into the sport.

      • 10 and 13mm ratcheting wrenches
      • T-Handle allen wrenches, 4mm-6mm sizes.
      • Ratchet with spark plug socket, extension, and hex ends for wheel nuts and stub axle nuts.  Pick the sizes you need for your kart’s setup.
      • Needle nose pliers
      • Side cutters
      • Chain breaker for your chain size, probably 219.
      • If your track doesn’t have a compressor, then get yourself a small portable air tank and fill at gas station.

      Pretty much everything else you can borrow, and if you find yourself borrowing, then buy it and throw it in the box.  I almost never use sockets any more for anything thanks to the invention of the ratcheting wrench.

      If/when it comes time that you want to change your own tires, then you’ll need a compressor, bead breaker, and a tool like the tire whiz or tongs.  I got away with my first couple changes thanks to helpful folks who helped me through the first few changes on their equipment, then I bought my own.  Eventually you’re going to want to get those kinds of tools, but you don’t need them day one.  Chain aligners, chassis aligners (snipers), etc all fall into that category.  You don’t need to be in a rush to get everything.

      I have a whole garage full of sockets, air tools, etc and most of it never gets used.

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      Keith Buffo

      I just made this list for our local club. Hope it’s helpful.


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