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    Frank Smith

    JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING SOLD.  I’m sorry for all those who responded asking for pics.  I should have been more prepared to get pictures and respond in a timely manner.  I’m in the middle of a move with a toddler and have found no time (thus this sale).  Most of the items sold to a couple people who came out to dig through.  Again, my apologies to everyone who I didn’t get a chance to respond to.  Once I find a little time, I’ll dig through remaining items and have some proper ads.  Only large item left is a double kart stand on casters.  If you’re interested in that and local, PM me.  Thanks.


    First off, I’m in the DC area (Vienna VA).  Anyone interested will have to pick up here.

    Secondly, I bought everything from a friend thinking I will learn about karting.  I never did.  Please bear with me I’m a newbie.  So I’ll do the best to answer your questions.  But it will really require you to come look through everything to thoroughly evaluate.

    Here’s what I know I have.  TAG kart.  TonyKart chasis.  Rotax motor that needs a rebuild.  I got it this way and never got around to sending it off.  The motor leaks water badly and is already off the chassis.  I have boxes and boxes of tools and spare parts.  Rolling cart for the kart.  KartLift.  Tire changer.  Wheels/Tires.  Literally boxes of stuff.  And unfortunately that’s the best I can describe it.  I’ll see if my friend who sold it to me can give a better description.  Oh and I need to mention this was setup for autocross.  Like I said, feel free to shoot over any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.  Or better yet, come take a look and sort through the boxes.

    Also, a 2012 6×10 enclosed trailer.  Side door.  Back door ramp.  Clean title.

    Kart, Motor, Tools, Parts, Spares, Trailer and everything I have for $4,000 or best offer.  Or make an offer for individual items.

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    Jamie Orbon

    What’s a phone number to reach you at?
    Thank you

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      Frank Smith

      PM Sent.

      Also, I should note that this isn’t a hodge podge of stuff a newbie put together.  The friend I bought this collection of stuff off of was obviously a seasoned karter.  He decided to quit karting.  This was all his stuff before I bought everything from him.  Get the engine rebuilt and load everything in the trailer and you should be good to go.

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      Daniel Alvarez

      Have pics of the stuff? can send via text to “908” “344” “2721”

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    Frank Smith

    First dry day we get I’ll pull things out of garage and take pics. Maybe this weekend… hopefully.

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    Johnathan Thompson

    what year is the chassis and would you consider shipping? Send pics to

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    Frank Smith

    Sorry for the delay in pics.  After the rains, I got inundated with work.  Also in the middle of a move.  The kart got moved first (priorities, you know).  The unfortunate part is that we’re using the garage as a staging area before moving into the house.  And getting to the kart now means moving 1/2 the garage before I can pull things out for pics.  I am sorry.  I think its going to be next week at the earliest.  I’ll take some as soon as I get a chance.

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