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      Marty Troup

      I have a question. I had a wrist pin clip fall out before and messed things up

      after that I went with a spiral clip with no problems. so now I have two things as the new piston is different then my last two as it has two small holes below the ring on the exhaust port side and the piston has the top above the ring shaved smaller then the bore. not sure if this is to aide ring seal. But still comes from IAME  with correct Part#. and with plain c clip.

      Has anyone had the same trouble with these clips or was it just bad luck as the spiral one would never come loose but trying to remove it is nearly impossible.

      any help.

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      Jim Derrig

      The short answer is “yes.”  In my experience the standard clips are very stiff and will not fall out if properly installed, but they are hard to install without damaging the clip by making it out-of-round.  I tried an aftermarket plastic c-clip installer but it was too weak for an IAME clip.  I bought the crazy expensive but rock solid, all metal IAME installer and never had another problem.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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