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      Paul M. Petrun

      Selling a complete Leopard TAG engine kit.  I am converting a tag kart I recently purchased to run lo206.  You will get everything TAG engine related.  I confirmed with Margay by chassis #, that this was Sean Cooks kart from 07′. I’m ass-u-ming the engine was prepped by him at some point(has Cook Racing stickers all over the engine and kart).  Unfortunately the guy I purchased it from, was not a karter, and bought the kart to help out a friend who needed cash.  He never even knew how to start it…  I charged up the battery, pulled the spark plug and squirted a touch of wd40 in the cylinder, hit the button to check for spark(has great spark), put fresh mixed gas in the tank, and it fired right up.  Sounded good to.  So now that you know as much about the engine as I do.  Here’s what you get for your hard earned dough.

      Leopard engine, engine mount, exhaust, exhaust mount, full electrics(wire harness, battery, mount box, and start/stop box), chain, axle gear, air box, water hoses, thermostat, water pump, water pump drive and O-rings, radiator mounts(sorry no radiator), throttle cable, and anything else that comes off and is related to the engine!

      Here is a link to the craigslist add with a bunch of pics.


      Please call instead of posting on the forum to ask questions.  I don’t get a lot of computer time…  Located in Pittsburgh, Pa.  I can and will ship.  Or if your close, come on over and you can see and hear it run(and help me remove it from the kart, lol)

      ASKING $850 for the package





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