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    Chance Barthold

    I am looking at getting a TAG leopard engine but how can you tell if it’s a MY09 engine or one that’s older than that?  And what exactly is the difference?  Thanks in advance for the help.



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    Gary Osterholt

    Pre 2009



    MY09 and newer.


    The easiest way is to look at the clutch cover.  The MY09 has a 3rd bearing built into the clutch cover.

    Gary Osterholt
    GO Designs, LLC

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    Chance Barthold


    Can you tell from this pic which style it is?  The only difference i see from your pics above is that the newer models are covering the clutch area more.  Is that what you were talking about?

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    Josh Buttafoco

    Carb is at an angle for the 09′, straight on the 08′.

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    Michael Rutter

    They key way to tell is by the carb angle, if it is a MY09 it should be on an angle with the blue pointing towards the side-pod, also the crank will be a rectangular shaped end not a starter nut or nut.  The motor pictured above is a Pre-09 which aren’t as competitive so I hear.

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