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    Michael perez

    I just put a new clutch on my leopard after I buying it used and now there is a loud rattle sounding like metal to metal is this normal….. I lubricated the bearing

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    Samir Shah

    This is from a newbie, so take it with a grain.

    – When I ran my engine with bendix in place but no starter, there is a rattle. Maybe the bendix is not in position correctly?

    – Does the clutch drum have play? Can it be pulled outwards by a mm or so? If so, you washer under the needle bearings could be inverted, and the cone part of the washer is facing the wrong way.





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    Samir Shah

    I noticed a rattle on my engine too, and it was the chain hitting the top of the front sprocket cover. Maybe that’s your problem too.



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    Clark Gaynor Sr.

    Samir, you NEED to find someone at the tracks where you’re running to help you out.  There must be folks there who are familiar with Leopards that can look over your equipment and figure out your issues very quickly.  Helping you over a forum is really tough!  Better yet, at some point you’re going to need an engine builder to rebuild your engine.  Find one now, and ask for his help.  We would all like to help here on ekarting, but another competitor or engine guy can fix all your problems in minutes and head you in the right direction.

    I know that didn’t help, but I suspect others will agree.

    Have fun.

    Clark Sr.

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